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ZHANG Shujie
ZHANG Shujie


Department: Public Administration




  • 2006: Ph.D., School of Economics and Management, Tongji University

Teaching Positions

  • 03-Now, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University 

Consulting Activities & Management Activities

  • Director, Department of Urban Design, Century City Infrastructure Investment Co.
  • Director, Department of Business, Shanghai New Century Infrastructure Investment Co.

International Experience

  • 10-Now, research cooperation: Research on the Sustainable Development of Sino-Canada Urban Food Security, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • 5-2011.08, training of teachingmethodology, University of Illinois, USA
  • 9-2007.11, visiting scholar, College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati, USA


  • Urban Development Strategy
  • Urban Planning Management and Land Management


Sponsored Research Projects

  • Research on Beijing Capital Strategic Development, Project Leader, 2011.11-10
  • Research on Development Strategy & Planning of New Administrative Area Yushu , Project Leader
  • Research on the Conflict between NationalLand Policy and Local Government Use,                   National Project Leader
  • Research on City Comprehensive Traffic planning of Kaifeng, Project Leader
  • Research on Urban Design of Anyang Eastern Ecology Area, Project Leader
  • Research on Urban Design of AnyangCultureCenter, Project Leader

Selected Publications


  • Introduction of Urban Management (in Chinese), Yuanfang Publishing House, 2009.03


  • 2005-2007, Member, Expert Committees of China Development Bank
  • College teaching competition, Second Class Prize, 2011.04
  • Honor of University Feature Courses, 2011.06
  • Awarding University Scholarships, Second Class Prize, 2011.11