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Business and Social Impact of Services based on IOTs and AI

Mon, Mar 18, 2019

Lecture: Business and Social Impact of Services based on IOTs and AI

Speaker: Professor HEMANT K. JAIN, University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Time: 15:00 p.m., 19th March, 2019

Venue: Room 208, Tongji Building A

Abstract: Offering of new and innovative services based on data collected by IOTs and the resulting AI applications are expected to have profound impact on businesses and society in medium term.  This talk will focus on services based on IOT and AI technologies that are on the horizon, how it may impact various businesses and the society.  The talk will conclude with identification of issues the researchers need to consider as they develop these technologies.


Hemant Jain is W. Max Finely Chair of Excellence and Professor of Data Analytics, in College of Gary W. Rollins College of Business at University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Before this he was Professor of Information Technology Management at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  He is internationally acclaimed for his pioneering work on Effectiveness of Presentation of Product Information in E-Business Systems.  Results of his work is widely adopted in design of e-commerce sites. Some of the product presentation features such as three dimensional rotating images of product, ability to chat with sales person in real-time proved effective by Prof. Jain are common in most e-commerce sites today.  His paper on this topic published in European Journal of Information Systems was awarded Operations Research Society’s Stafford Beer Medal for the best paper published in the European Journal of Information Systems in 2002.  He is also internationally known for his work in component based system development and service oriented architecture. His work has appeared in leading journals including Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Journal of MIS, IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics, Naval Research Quarterly, Decision Sciences, Decision Support Systems, Communications of ACM, and Information & Management. Dr. Jain is on the advising board of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing.  He served as Associate Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing and as Associate Editor of Journal of AIS. He also served as Program Chair, of IEEE International Conference on Big Data and IEEE International Conference on IOT services. He served as Program co-chair of DESRIST 2011.  Currently he is co-editing a special issue of Information Systems Research on Humans, Algorithms, and Augmented Intelligence: The Future of Work, Organizations and Society.

He received his Ph. D. in information system from Lehigh University, a Master of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India and Bachelor of Engineering from University of Indore, India.