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Latest FT MiM Ranking: Tongji SEM Ranked 22nd Globally, No. 1 for Value for Money

Mon, Sep 11, 2023

On September 10th, the Financial Times (FT) officially released the 2023 Top 100 Masters in Management (MiM) Ranking List. The Master of Global Management (MGM) program of Tongji SEM was ranked 22nd globally, and has been ranked among the top 50 globally for eight consecutive years.

Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking is one of the world’s most authoritative rankings in the field of management, recognized for its rigorous evaluation criteria, independent and objective data research and comprehensive evaluation system. The ranking contains 4 categories and 24 sub-indicators to comprehensively evaluate the overall strength of business schools and the quality of teaching programs. Tongji SEM is firmly ranked as a “global top-tier”, performing well in a number of indicators: Top 1 for Value for Money; jumped to No. 5 globally with a high score of 9.57 for Overall Satisfaction; No. 3 globally for Career Service Rank, continuing to lead the way; 100% of the graduates get Employed at Three Months; No. 5 globally for Alumni Network. In addition, important indicators such as its faculty, curricula and internationalization have been steadily improving.

Upgrading the Training System and Integrating Educational Resources

Tongji SEM’s MGM Program comprehensively upgrades its training system and continuously improves and optimizes the curriculum. On the one hand, SEM aims to meet the international teaching standards, maintain communication and interaction with top international business schools, and continue to create an internationalized teaching atmosphere, so as to enable students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the global strategic vision, cross-cultural awareness and sense of responsibility from a global perspective; On the other hand, the school emphasizes the integration of academic study and practice, cooperating with large enterprises to establish internship training bases for management talents, creating rich resources for practice within different sectors and innovative practice; In addition, the program takes the lead in integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) into its training and developing ESG-related courses and practical projects, aiming to cultivate outstanding management elites who not only have a global vision and innovative spirit, but also possess a sense of social responsibility and the ability to solve practical problems.

Shaping a Global Vision

High-quality internationalization has always been the feature and strength of Tongji SEM, who has been committed to expanding international education resources and shaping the global vision of students. SEM offers abundant overseas exchange programs, covering undergraduate, master, doctoral degrees, and multi-dimensional exchanges such as long-term dual degree, medium-term semester exchange and short-term summer courses. Through various international programs, Tongji students are able to go abroad, broaden their horizons, gain new knowledge, explore and engage in diversified dialogues in the classrooms of the world’s top business schools. In addition, a large number of programs have achieved a high level of integration between Chinese and foreign students, especially the MGM program, which has achieved fully integration of Chinese and foreign students attending classes together. Through the highly active long and short-term international exchange programs, SEM has created an international campus atmosphere combining Chinese and foreign cultures.

Leading Career Development Services and Worldwide Alumni Network

To support the MGM program, the Career Development Centre provides students with professional and personalized career development training, continues to deepen high-quality career guidance and services, and has successfully declared the Ministry of Education’s second-phase school-enterprise cooperation practice and education projects, setting up the “Study of Ancient Classics to Meet Present Needs ” career studio reflecting the characteristics of the discipline of Economics and Management. The center has provided various career guidance and services in the form of “in-depth interviews”, “micro-course series on career development”, “classroom visits to enterprises”, “career development tutor salon” and so on, in order to support students to develop their careers. The “Economics and Management Internship Job Fair” held every semester has become a large-scale activity for SEM to provide talents for enterprises, which is highly praised by the society and enterprises.

The Alumni and Corporate Relations Office of SEM closely contacts alumni at home and abroad, deepens cooperation with local and alumni associations in different sectors , and continuously expands the alumni network; the Office organizes rich cultural and recreational activities, cultivates alumni culture, and strengthens alumni’s sense of belongingness on occasions of their collective returning to school on special days such as the school’s anniversaries; the Office organizes academic forums, industry salons, alumni gathering events and alumni clubs to serve and support the growth of alumni and to empower alumni development with high-quality services; the Office expands industry-academia integration, popularizes the culture of donation, and promotes the deep integration of alumni and the College for win-win development; the Office runs the official WeChat account, alumni newsletter, alumni website, alumni database, and continuously improves and optimizes its basic capacity building of alumni network.

HAN Xuechun, an outstanding graduate of the program in the class of 2020, is currently working for a famous domestic clothing brand. Looking back on her Master’s experience, she said that her study in Tongji SEM has brought her an inclusive and open global vision, and a positive and progressive professional quality. She said that the school attaches great importance to the cultivation of international talents, and her study life in France was especially unforgettable, where she had more in-depth communication with students from all over the world through literature discussion and project simulation in the local courses, and the different lifestyles and diverse cultural collisions made her feel that there are surprises everywhere. During her Master’s degree, her domestic and foreign study experience has enabled her to systematically learn the cutting-edge courses of economic management, and also allowed her to improve her global vision and practical ability. In the future, she will continue to actively contribute to the construction of China’s market in her own position.

Professor WANG Hongwei, Deputy Dean of Tongji SEM in charge of international cooperation pointed out that the excellent performance of the School’s various rankings indicates that our schooling level and education quality have been fully affirmed by international authoritative rankings and educational institutions, and is also a reflection of our continuous and steady improvement in comprehensive strength. This is attributed to Tongji SEM’s continuous deep effort and development progress in talent cultivation, faculty building, scientific research, internationalization, etc. over past years.

The Master of Global Management (MGM) program is an English-taught full-time academic degree program for international students. It aims to develop international talents with interest in both international management and doing business in China, and committed to taking on management leadership roles in cross-cultural work environments. Since its launch in 2019, the program has rapidly gained popularity among international students, and has achieved the top international student enrolment among Tongji University’s Master’s program for many years, with students from all five continents, about 70% of whom come from developed countries in Europe and the United States. (Click for more about MGM)

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