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This major aims to cultivate senior accounting talents and senior management talents who are suitable for the development needs of social economy and technological progress and who have comprehensive development of social values in morality, intelligence and physique. Students will systematically master the relevant principles and knowledge of finance and accounting disciplines. Those who have solid theory foundation, broad professional knowledge and strong practical ability are supposed to become excellent accountants and be capable of accounting and financial management work of enterprises and institutions with international visions and systematic management skills. It highlights the model of “accounting technology + management” in training with a strong science and engineering curriculum which is adaptive to the requirements of management of science and technology development. The concept of talent cultivation of this subject has been positioned as “international vision, Chinese wisdom, innovative pragmatism and high morality”. Graduates have always been favored by the famous four major accounting firms, banks and other financial institutions and domestic key enterprises. Over the years, a large number of high-end accounting and financial management talents have been cultivated.

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