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The major of Marketing in Tongji University began to enroll students nationwide in 1996. It aims to cultivate senior management talents who are fit for the demands of society, economy and technology development; who are cultivated morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically; who have mastered relevant professional theories and knowledge of marketing, financial accounting and business operation management; who are equipped with solid professional theory, excellent organizational skills and marketing operation ability, as well as innovative spirit and ability of life-long learning; who are able to continuously update professional knowledge and improve business proficiency of marketing according to the development of the industry. Over the years, students of marketing have won various gold medals in the National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Competitions. Most graduates are able to work in large enterprises, multinational companies (including financial institutions and consulting agencies etc.) as well as  government departments. With the continuous development of this subject and the increasing influence of its international brand, many research units are established, such as Tongji University Development Research Institute, Tongji-IBM Big Data Experimental Center and Tongji-SAIC Cross-Border Marketing Design Center.

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