Project Management (Construction Project)_Tongji SEM Project Management (Construction Project)_Tongji SEM
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Project Management (Construction Project)


Maintaining a leading position in China, Engineering Management in Tongji SEM is awarded to be the national-level specialty major that has been selected into the national “Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers” Plan. In general, it consists of two study orientations. One is the engineering of construction management, and the other is real estate operation and management. This major strives to cultivate senior specialists and top creative talents with international perspectives, who can adapt to the need of the social, economic, scientific and technological advances with an all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetic values. The graduates could master technical knowledge of civil engineering and basic knowledge and expertise related to domestic and international project management, economics and legislation, could possess working ability to control and manage on domestic and foreign construction projects in engineering or real estate fields in whole process, and could become professional elites with solid foundation and wide knowledge in engineering management .