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Faculty Profiles

  • WANG Shujing
    WANG Shujing

    Associate Researcher of Economics and Finance

  • WANG Yuxin
    WANG Yuxin

    Lecturer of Accounting

  • WANG Xiaobo
    WANG Xiaobo

    Associate Professor of Economics and Finance

  • XU Dehua
    XU Dehua

    Associate Professor of Management Science and Engineering

  • XIONG Guoyue
    XIONG Guoyue

    Associate Professor of Marketing (Proposed)

  • XU Qin
    XU Qin

    Lecture of Accounting

  • XU Jie
    XU Jie

    Lecturer of Public Administration

  • XIE En
    XIE En

    Professor; Vice Dean of Advanced Institute of Business

  • XIE Shengqiang
    XIE Shengqiang

    Associate Professor of Innovation and Strategy(Proposed)

  • XIONG Wei
    XIONG Wei

    Assistant Professor of Public Administration

  • YOU Jianxin
    YOU Jianxin

    Professor of Management Science and Engineering

  • YANG Beilei
    YANG Beilei

    Associate Professor of Public Administration