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Student Feedback

HE Qiaodao -Tongji

The benefit of the international exchange study of Tri-con does not only reflect in the number of friends that I made, but also in the English ability and professional knowledge that I achieved during the study abroad. We visited to some famous foreign companies, such as Airbus, Volkswagen, etc., These visits provided us unique and valuable experiences that we could not learn in our country. If you dare to challenge and want to experience a distinctive postgraduate study life, I believe that Tri-con must be your best choice!


ZHANG Lingyu -Tongji

Tricon program gave me a unique experience in study and life. Making a lot of friends with classmates from different cultural bases is such a cool thing. Dancing, cooking and talking with friends in three different environments gave us different feelings in life. There are a lot of opportunities to travel to three different continents with local friends. Different countries have different education modes that could help us see things from different perspectives. This program is worth trying because you have better experiences, feeling the differences in thinking modes among different countries. Also, the different knowledge about supply chain in different countries could give you the best insights about the global supply chain. Lastly, this is an excellent way to learn different languages as there are more than three languages you can hear in daily life. Maybe you could pick up and have a big improvement in language skills from that. It is the best choice for people who like challenges and colorful life.

MA Tianjia -Tongji

The study and life experience I attained from this program is one of my happiest and most valuable experiences in the past 25 years. I really appreciate the help provided by these three universities from accommodation to study. I have made friends with people from up to ten different countries and successfully adapted to a new culture. I’ve also learned that the best way to help others is to enrich your study and life experience and then try to give others help when they need it. Besides, this program has also provided us with professional training and help concerning researching and writing thesis.

Ruben Toelle-KLU

Pursuing my Master in Global Supply Chain Management at three different Universities being Kühne Logistics University, Tongji University, and University of Knoxville Tennessee has enabled me to study and live in three of the most vibrant cities. This unique program helped me gain deeper insights into global Supply Chain Management and immerse myself in vastly different cultures. Despite the sheer advantage of being able to travel the world, the program empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and bond with like-minded individuals. This life-changing master program is additionally giving me the chance to acquire a double degree master at both a German as well as Chinese university. I would highly recommend the program for anyone interested in starting their career in supply chain management and logistics

Gözde Tekin – KLU

The TriCon Program is something very special to me. I met multicultural students with very international profiles that I am happy to call good friends, with whom we shared each others cultures and recognized differences in perspectives. We do not simply study abroad; we are a team helping each other to become better professionals and experts of three different countries or even continents. I truly believe that this program has taught us to transform differences into strengths and gave us credentials to work in global environments. The TriCon program created a huge opportunity for me to learn from very different professionals that bring in their very own techniques and experiences. As a European, China is definitely the biggest challenge for me. However, sharing these difficulties with a great group and having such a great support system (our Tongji colleagues) makes the process even more fun and exiting. It has been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to see what our third chapter has to bring.

Tanner Rowell-UTK

The Tri-con program has been a great experience so far! My time in Germany was very enjoyable and allowed me to deepen my understanding of supply chain and logistics concepts while also immersing myself in the German culture. Additionally, my time at Tongji has been equally fulfilling. I have enjoyed the vibrant culture in Shanghai, with many great experiences already under my belt. Additionally, the coursework provided here compliments that we received in Germany, and looks to be an appropriate challenge for all members of the program.


Caroline Thompson-UTK

I was attracted to the Tri-con program because of the opportunity to travel the world and meet wonderful people with different cultural backgrounds. The promise of this experience was fulfilled by creating friendships with people from China, Germany, Colombia, etc. We also have classes that introduce us to professionals and go on tours of businesses from medium to large sizes on three continents. This is an experience that I would probably never have experienced without this master program.

X Thank you for your interest in Master of Global Management, Tongji University!